Business and Garage Epoxy Concrete Coatings

Our company offers the elegant finishes found in retails spaces and inside showrooms by providing metallic epoxy coatings. We also offer concrete coatings for warehouses and residential garages. After reading about the solutions provided, check out our gallery to see for yourself. Most applications require three days before foot traffic is allowed. The installation is a two-day process. At least 24 hours are needed for the coating to cure.

Epoxy Meets Longevity and Durability

An epoxy coating provides protection against general workplace rigors such as debris and dust or harsh exposure to vehicular or heavy foot traffic. As an effective renovation solution, epoxy coatings offer cost savings when renovating an outdoor patio, kitchen, residential garage, or work-space. When the durable epoxy combination of a non-slip clear-coat, over decorative chips is used, a long-lasting, immaculate floor coating is created.

Preparation and Experience Are Key

Innovative advancements have been made in the epoxy industry.   Diamond-grinding is the most common floor surface preparation method, due to the optimal adhesion of epoxy resin material to the floor surface. Our experienced technicians leave nothing to chance. Every inch of floor surface is subject to the grinder.  For tight corners and compact areas, electric hand scrapers or angle grinders are employed.

Quality Craftsmanship, an Affordable Price, and a Warranty

Our professional, trained installers meticulously apply commercial, industrial grade products. A peel-free warranty applies to all our work. Our price quotes include labor and materials. No deposit is required of our customers. We are a reputable company that needs no upfront money. For a free estimate, contact us today.


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